As Ryan Holiday Says, Ego Is The Enemy!

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A lot of us say that we want to pursue greatness: But what most of us actually mean or/and want is to be known as one of the greats. We want to be the G.O.A.T. However, there is a difference between having the desire to be known as great and being one. On the surface, both look the same but there is a difference.

Is Writing A Means Or An End?

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Whether we are writing professionally or not, there is one question that always baffles those who love writing: Do we treat writing as a means to an end (Meaningful Life) or do we treat life itself as a means to an end (Writing)? In other words, do we use writing to create a life filled with purpose and happiness? Or do we use all of your life experiences to serve our writing? Perhaps, the best writers are those who do a bit of both.

Being a creative profession, writing requires us to go deep within and get inspired from our…

And every job requires skills.

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You are about to pursue a career. What will you do? Let me guess: You will first ascertain whether you have the aptitude for this career. If yes, then you will study the subject in-depth, let experts evaluate you through exams, and practically see if you have the requisite skills. It’s the same for any job. Then why are the rules different when it comes to parenting?

The majority of parents prepare for parenting by just having a little chit-chat with their parents and other people who have recently become parents. While this approach is on the right track, it…

Are You Up For The Task?

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I don’t know who you are. I don’t know how you were raised. I don’t know how satisfied with your life. I don’t know much but I do know one thing: A lot of us wish our parents did a better job. However, this article is not about blaming your parents. It is about how we can parent our inner child. This might sound unimportant, right now — you have got bills to pay and targets to meet. But every time you tell your inner child that there’s something more important than him/her/them and keep ignoring, you tell the child…

How Long Will You Wait For Them?

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Knock, Knock!

Oh, it’s the postman

But as usual, it isn’t what I was waiting for!

I’m waiting for a permission slip

To live the life I want

To be who I am

To do what I always wanted to do.

For a lot of us,

This permission slip arrives

When Regret personally delivers it

At our deathbed.

News Flash: Success Doesn’t Change Who You Are!

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So, you are a budding filmmaker who has a unique vision that might not appeal to the masses. You have been advised to make a ‘massy’ film first and once you become successful, you have been told, you can go all out and make films that you ACTUALLY want to make. Or you are a writer who wants to write a book on Philosophy but you are instead writing a murder mystery because that will attract more eyeballs. Now, there is nothing wrong with doing these things and sometimes you do need to walk this path to survive. The only…

Be Grateful For Being An Underdog.

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Some people are fortunate enough to have teachers, parents, or bosses who empower them. A pat on the back or at least an acknowledgment of your passion and dedication can go a long way in giving us a healthy sense of confidence. Encouragement and Empowerment can turn ordinary employees or students into extraordinary ones. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t find this and end up living ordinary lives. Look around!

We are surrounded by untapped potential, unlived dreams, and underrated artists.

I’m not talking about false praise or giving dishonest feedback. I’m talking about the authorities’ inability or complete lack…

An Ode To Zero

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Zero sends shivers down everyone’s spine

Because we spend an eternity building empires

But the one who understands zero understands life

No matter how many novels you have written,

You still stare at a blank page

No matter how much wealth you have

One day you will be ashes

Today’s dream will be tomorrow’s normal

And everything will be back to square one

It is perhaps not a coincidence that

Zero on the right side increases the value

The ones who have found inner peace

Know that Zero is Home

Wealth likes to overstay at places

Where people don’t cling to it

And know that in the end, everything is zero.

Even The Bad Ones!

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In an age where anyone can start writing anything from anywhere, there is simply too much content! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that not every piece of writing is good. In fact, most pieces of writing are mediocre. Some are below par. Some are average and bland. Only a few are exceptional. It is important to criticize the ones that are bad and acknowledge and appreciate the ones that are good. …

No room for both!

Ego and Excellence cannot co-exist.

If you want to improve, you have to be acutely aware of your flaws,
which you won’t be able to, if you are on an ego trip.
If your primary motivation is to prove that you are
superior to others, you will have to keep unflattering parts
of yourself at bay.

You can play games — you might use humility to inflate
your ego as well.
But ultimately, any institution or an individual who is
primarily driven
by ego has a shaken foundation — it is like a time bomb that is
ticking off.

Sushmita Pedaprolu

Feminist. Autodidact. Introvert. Highly Sensitive Person. Optimist. Spiritual Seeker.

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